1. The Right Apparel

Colorful checkered, stripes and patterns render oddly on screen. Instead, opt for bold and bright colors – ok are black, blue, tan, red, or pastels in solid colors.

Keep accessories to a minimum.

Women apply makeup (slightly bolder than you might wear day-to-day) and darker lipstick, without going overboard. Bring a hair brush just for quick fixes.


2. Practice Your Sound Bites

Sound Bites - Tips

You chose the topics of your interview, so spend some time thinking about the key points you want to get across. Our Host has read your submitted profile topics you wish to cover and has researched your business/brand, she will be prepared to guide  you very comfortably through the interview.


3. Your Host

Will meet with you just prior to the shoot and go over the topics so that you both are prepared. She has years of experience, very knowledgeable and within seconds you will be completely at ease.


4. Control Your Body Language

Body Language - Tips

You’ll likely be nervous or amped up in the beginning, this is natural, this is where our producer/director will help you to be comfortable.


5. Slow Down Your Speech

Boy, is this one hard for me. I speed up my speech whenever I get excited or nervous. People can’t understand a darn thing I’m saying sometimes lol! No worries, again our director will bring out the best of you.


6. De-stress Just Before You Go On

If you’re a nervous ball of energy before your interview, tense up all the muscles in your body for a few seconds, then release them. Practice deep breathing and calm thoughts, and you’ll do AWESOME!!!

Show-Prep Tips